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Not Your Grandma’s Wallpaper 
(but she’d probably love it!)
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Jen Copeland


I'm a mom, wife, interior designer, realtor, stager, lover of people, homes, art and stinky cheese.

I'm from Southwest Michigan. I pride myself in that most of my clients become friends and refer me to others they care about. That is the highest compliment I could receive. 

Quality is in the details. This is true in design and real estate. 

Just like fashion, it’s only a matter of time before past trends find their way back into current interior design. Wallpapered walls aren’t a thing of the past — wallpaper is as stylish as ever. Tiny prints, and papering every square inch of your house is not necessarily what I would recommend, but there are plenty of spots that can sport your favorite pattern, whether it’s behind your range, on your staircase or inside your pantry. If you’ve selected a wallcovering but haven’t decided where to put it yet, these 10 ideas will get your creativity cooking:


  1. Dining Room, Bedroom accent wall

  2. Kitchen Island

  3. Ceiling

  4. Bookshelves/back of open cabinets 

  5. Backsplash (cover with acrylic)

  6. Small space: powder bath, bar area, eat-in

  7. Furniture

  8. Pantry walls

  9. Stairs

  10. Murals

Wallpaper patterns have evolved as well as technology of application. Removable paper, peel and stick, and large murals make excellent ways of expressing your look without the commitment. In an afternoon, you can make a big, bold statement with wallpaper, or a subtle addition of color in an otherwise boring space. With proper prep of the surface and/or using removable paper, it’s easier to change your mind and your decor! 

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