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Why a Team? 

I partner with exceptional people who are driven to complete goals the same way I am. Collaboration is a key to success. Together, we create an unmatched experience that meets your goals. 

Elegant Female

Client Relations, Marketing


Gail comes to the world of real estate via a career in Human Resources - having spent most of her work life recruiting specialty physicians to the Kalamazoo area.  Gail has a Bachelor degree in Marketing and is also a certified professional organizer.  She and her husband, along with their two children, love to travel but she admits to actually being a home body who's favorite things include fancy coffee, overstuffed chairs and good books. She has a Real Estate license, but realized working behind the scenes and with the people was a better fit. That's why I entrust her to be my Client Relations / Marketing Director; or as we like to tease, my 'Personal Person'.  How lucky am I to have someone I've known most of my life on my team!

Jen Copeland-1.jpg

Design, Video, Marketing


Dave is the Senior Graphic designer for Five Star Real Estate. He creates the visuals that fit my brand and communicate my clients needs to a wide range of customers.


Dom is the videographer for Five Star Real Estate. He makes all my personal and home videos.


Kai is a Graphic Designer for Five Star Real Estate. He creates beautiful visuals for any and all of our needs.


Mary is the Marketing Director for Five Star Real Estate. She shares an incredible depth of knowledge in real estate marketing.

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